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From our Mailbag 07/16/00 - 07/23/00

Are you talking to ME?

From John M., (No City Provided,) USA:

Mr. McDaniel,

Although I don't agree on ALL the points in your "There's a Spy in the 'I' " article, I would like to compliment you on your writing ability. That was one of the most entertaining and cleverly informing articles I have read in a long time. I look forward to reading more of your work. I would appreciate it if you could point me at any more articles you have done. Thanks for your time.

John M

From John McG., Dallas, TX, USA:

I liked Mr. Steven's article. It had an everyman ring of concern to it which I agree with. In fact this is one of the few articles in G21 that I really felt 100% in agreement with. Direct, simple and right on the mark.

What I find most incredulous is the presumption that we need new protections on the net. It is not new laws that we need but a understanding of new mindset. Fourth Amendment already protects citizens from unsolicited search of "...persons, papers and effects.....". It is merely a need for the political arms of the government to embrace the fact that papers and effects also extent to electronic property (e.g. email) . Based on the discourse on the net, the body politic already assume and act as if Fourth Amendment rights extend to their net persona. The politicians need to catch up. Mr. Steven's article points out this in some respects.

John McG.

From Faye R., LeCompton, KS, USA:


I read your spirituality essay and it struck a nerve. I have been struggling with the same issue of personal dedication to others versus "taking care of the self." Most of my friends tell me the same things that you hear and they are good friends/people. I think the reason that this particular line of reasoning makes no sense is because the heart knows otherwise and, at some level, will not be denied.

Thanks for speaking so clearly about this important spiritual issue.

Faye R
Lecompton, KS



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Honestly, looking at the example of Monsignor O'Flannery was quite moving for me. Even when the Pope threatened to withdraw his support, this man humbly said that he could do nothing else and keep his vows... He was both daring and playful and made me look at how we define compassion in our lives. Father Hesburgh only served to bring the message home in the most pragmatic of terms.

I completely understand what you say about good friends and good people succumbing to the popularized notion of "take care of number one." By my lights, that began two decades ago and we must work to shed ourselves of its intrusive influence. It's not easy, but I think, as you say, our hearts know otherwise...


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From Darhl C. S., Boca Raton, FL, USA:

SUBJECT: Greetings to the Curmudgeon Sage


Whew, guess the crisis must be over. Glass House was a bit lighter this week. :)

I roared over your class reunion observations.

Me? I've never been to one. For my 20th, I lived less than a mile from the school, I was listed in the phone book. Noone told me about it. Which would be par for the course. (I probably couldn't have afforded it anyway - no doubt the rich clique that ran the school also ran the reunion, so it was probably held at the Palma Ceia golf club or the Tampa Yacht Club)

I didn't fit in during high school. I came from the wrong side of the tracks (actually the wrong side of Gandy Blvd). Plant Hi in Tampa - then and now - was where all the rich kids - the sons and daughters of the movers and shakers about Town - went. I was decidedly a nerd in todays-speak, the word for it back then was "square". I always had my "computer" at my side - a beautiful 12 inch K&E slide rule in a leather case fastened to my belt. LOL

Every once in a while, I go to an AA meeting that meets in a church directly across the street from the old high school. And I laugh every time I pull into the parking lot. You see, back in '57, there was no parking lots for kids who drove to school. Only the jocks and some of daddy's little girls driving dad's new Caddy ever drove to school. They always parked in that church's parking lot. Lord, how often I prayed to have a car and be able to park in that lot. Watch what you pray for. It took a lot of years of heavy drinking and a lot of work getting sober, but now I get to park in that lot. *very big grin* (I've been sober almost 18 years)


From Darryl C., Hershey, PA, USA:


Hi Rod,
Some white folks are simply amazing. We have been in this country for nearly 400 years and they still don't understand that we ain't going nowhere. We is here. David Duke and his boys need to get over it. In the meantime, though, don't listen to fuckin' liberals. Buy a gun; in fact buy several guns just in case.

Darryl C

AND your favorite e-mails from The World's Mailbox

From Zach Love, Los Angeles, CA, USA:

Hiya, Poolsters ...

How the hell are you? If you've recently joined the family, and this is the first Dispatch you've received from us, we'd like to say welcome aboard. If you've been around awhile, and you're wondering what it is we've been doing all this time, we'd like to say who asked you? The fact is that we've been as busy as Africanized bees, except there's not as many of us and we don't have a queen. Also, we don't make honey, we almost never sting people, and we can't fly without a lot of drugs. Some of you have been asking us when the hell the next game's going to start, and we finally have an answer, but first we want to make a bunch of excuses.

See, we haven't given up, and we're not going soft, or anything, we've just been really, really, really busy (see above). We've been redesigning the whole website, as a matter of fact, and it's taken a lot longer than we thought it would. Some of you may not even be able to tell, and most of you won't give a rat's ass, but we've been toiling over a hot HTML editor day and night. No doubt you'll wonder what the problem is when you see the unimpressive results, which is where the excuses come in. Here they come now.

Drew came down with some sort of eye cancer that made him even more lethargic than usual, and we didn't think that was possible. Commissioner Love has been on a drinking binge that would put Liza Minnelli to shame, and it's really hard to write code with double vision. Bartender Hicks, who's had to mix all Zach's drinks, has been exploring a kinky new side to his sexuality that we don't want to go into in too much detail, but we think you all know how time-consuming that can be. And our PR Director is ... well, he's our PR Director. He did manage to offer up our latest editorial piece ( but you wouldn't believe how many muscle relaxers that cost us.

Anyway, what we're getting around to is that the next game won't start until September, which may seem awfully far away, but it's not nearly far enough when you teach grade school for a living. The good news is that we'll be taking entries well before then (like, in a week or two) and we'll be doing it in our brand-new, state-of-the-art, pretty-much- like-the-old-one environment. Now, doesn't that sound nice?

We promise we'll send out another one of these when we're actually ready to take your hard-earned money from you, and we promise it won't be long. Just bear with us, if you would, and keep making notes on who's got what and how bad. We also remind you at this juncture that you should NOT hit reply if you want to write us back, 'cause that'll remove you from our mailing list forever, and that would TOTALLY suck. Maybe for you, too.

Chin up, friends. The sun'll come out tomorrow ...

Zachariah Love, Commissioner
Greg Hicks, Head Bartender
and Drew Scharlatt, Eye Cancer Survivor
The Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool - "If you build it, they will die."

From Jean H. (No City Provided,) WA, USA:

Sheila is finally in print! You can get Trouble in Triplicate, the first three novellas "under one roof," so to speak, at the following website:

The ISBN number, something each published book has, is 0-595-09766-9 and this should allow any bookseller to get it for you >from the publisher, which is:, Inc. 620 North 48th Street Suite 201 Lincoln, NE 68504-3467
Jean L. H.

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