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An animated butterfly image. KATRINA & THE LOST CITY OF NEW ORLEANS by Rod Amis
New Orleans is the Lost City of America.

New Orleans has disappeared as surely as the lost city of Atlantis or the lost city of Pompeii, which former mayor Marc Morial and Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA.) have compared us to in their statements.

That New Orleans, the New Orleans I mean to tell you about, that will never, ever, exist again--that city of love, lust, death and sex--will never exist again.

A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to the New Orleans Hospitality Workers Fund. The cooks, servers and restaurant workers of New Orleans have provided fabulous times and memories for millions. Now we must remember them in their time of need.

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As the Holiday Season approaches, our thoughts turn to loved ones, expenses, taxes, what has transpired during the waning year and our dreams for the upcoming year. We tally things unfinished and things to be accomplished. Our harvest season poll is meant to address these issues.

THE POLL QUESTION: What has happened thus far this year that really "rocked your world" and how does it change your plans for next year?

DEADLINE: 31 OCTOBER, 2005. The responses and results will appear in NOVEMBER. Thanks in advance!

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by YOU

THE WORLD - Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Giampaolo G., Rome, ITALY:

SUBJECT: congratulations on your article

hi! I have read this article of a couple of years ago

I am writing for advice. I have been made an offer to work in South Africa, specifically in Joburg. The offer includes a total company package of 250,000-300,000 rands. Though I know matters change according to the style of life one is used to, will such a salary permit a good lifestyle for me and wife (e.g., rent a decent apartment, buy a car with insurance, and have a good health insurance plan)?

Thank you,


Hi Giampaolo

Your average house in Johannesburg goes for about R800 000 (you can get one / two bed townhouses as we call them for less), and your average family sedan (new) will go for about R150 000, although you can get both more expensive (for fancy cars) and cheaper.

Medical aid (or health insurance) can vary. My husband and I are on the lowest possible plan our insurance company allows and we pay R2000 a month for a family of four. You can get better plans for more, and sometimes your company will pay a percentage.

But I would say that a salary of R300 000 p/a would easily qualify you for a modest house, car and medical insurance. You wouldn't be living with the richest South Africans, but you would definitely not be in the poorhouse, in other words, you should be comfortable.

If you require more info, please shout. I can put you in touch with an estate agent friend of mine if you want more specific housing prices.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
Gaynor Paynter

Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Aamena J., Nairobi, KENYA:

SUBJECT: latest edition

About the latest edition:

- i love the moon corner ?... fabulous idea!!

- i really enjoyed mattie lennon's article this week.

The "light" theme worked well ... perhaps more often? or one light piece every few editions? From ur column, I see u'll be trying ur hand at it too. Look forward to reading it.

It's strange ... even when I have no time to read anything apart from media theory, I somehow find myself poring over g21 :)

You should be proud.

Have a gd week.

"The flower does not return to life save through death, and love does not grow except after separation." - Kahlil Gibran

canaries of the coal mine
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Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Dave, (No City Provided,) USA:

SUBJECT: sin city

Hi ... Man I been there and done that .. married a Philippino and living across America. Miss my old friends there .. the ones who told me to be careful ..lmao ... etc. cant find anyone from 1997 .. things change .. however are you still there .. u know Mouse? Chicago Tony? Park Inn etc .. really man trying to connect to old friends ..any help?

Thanks nalang



I'll see if I can get Raoul to get back to you these. Cheers!

Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Michael, (No City or Country Provided):


I have always been reading G21 Dailies. All your writer are doing such a great job. We as readers are able to find so many articles that one would not find in the main stream media. Good work Generator 21. I am really impressed with X.N. Iraki writings. I have tried to look for his contacts at your web site but in vain. If you can help me I would be very pleased so that?I can write to him, My e-mail is ... You co-operation will be highly appreciated. Keep up with your good work.


Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From DC S., Largo, FL, USA:

SUBJECT: Is it time yet ...

for some sick obsrevations?

With all the shots of the Superdome, I can't help but ponder the future of the Saints....

* ?Can't see 'em doing anything but playing road games this year

* Pssst, want a good deal on Saints season tickets? Will season ticket holders get a refund?

* Saints water polo team has a nice ring to it, no?

If the water in NOLA evaporated in the next 10 seconds, it would still take a month to rehab the inside of the Superdome

On the serious side, I haven't seen one item about any Saints player or the team since before the hurricane

I don't need a hybrid here in hurricane alley, I obviously need a hovercraft

Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Janet W., (No City Provided,) AZ, USA:

SUBJECT: please send to Robert E. Roberts

Arizona Dept of Corrections, G. Carl, Ph.D.

I am writing a paper to justify your approach to men's groups in prison to my higher ups, who are behaviorists. Do you have a reference list, data on recidivism, and some sort of weekly program.


Ms. W.;

Thanks for visiting G21 and for writing. I would suggest that you could most efficiently reach Mr. Roberts via his publisher.

I recommend that you attempt that route, as we have infrequent contact with writers who contribute to our publication in only a single instance.

Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Thomas R., (No City Provided,) USA:

SUBJECT: Oxford Ale House!

Ron, are you the Ron that worked at Harvard in the 70's. The guy who turned me on to Mother Jones (that I still subscribe to!)


Oxford Ale House ain't no more.

Thomas! dear Tommy, my dear dear Tommy! You live! you rascal, you live.

Answer me immediately, because I am bound for Myrtle Beach in the next day and a half. And I need to know where you are.

Lots of stories, lots of history to tell - yours, and what has happened to you for lo these many years.

A quick goodbye, then a wonderful hello in person as soon as we can arrange it -


Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Kim C., (No City Provided,) NJ, USA:

SUBJECT: Kenya School


My name is Kim C---- and I live in NJ.? I traveled to Kenya last summer for over 2 weeks and am in the process of obtaining a U S non profit?to?build and run a school in Kisii for girls.? It?will be a?school for 9-12 graders and will be a boarding school.? I have done a?tremendous amount of?research with Kenyans living here and in Kenya and read many articles about the subject.? I plan?on?going?there frequently once we receive?the non profit here and then a ngo in?Kenya.

Your story was very interesting and very true from what I have seen and read.? Thank you for trying to bring?all of this to light for all of the Americans who don't understand the plight of Africa.? Education is the only way to change the direction that Africa is taking.? Children need education to build the foundation for a successful society and community.

You can email me back at ... ? The name of the school will be Tabasamu Center.

Kim C.

Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Dana H., (No City Provided,) MN, USA:

SUBJECT: Letting the soul speak

Dr. Roberts:

I enjoyed your book. I too have attempted to run a similar program using dreams, myths, working with the soul and the development of community. Like you, I have been set up and basically run out of the prison, although I still have a job. The program I ran had @5 percent recidivism over a 5 year period before they made me shut it down because it wasn't "scientific enough" and it used the wrong type of psychology.

It is a very frustrating process and if things don't change I too will be forced out. I wrote about the process in a paper, shared it with the powers that be, and found they don't want these individu als to change or experience any feeling what so ever. I am saddened by the whole process and wonder a lot about the mind set of those in charge.

Dana H., Ed.D., D.Min

Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Chad D., (No City Provided,) USA:


This is and should be characterized as a catastrophic natural disaster that those of us on the southern coastlines live at the mercy of each and every year. The greatest cost didn't come from the natural disaster, but the man made disaster that followed. Our advances in weather technology are vastly improved from times past and early warning capabilities get better with each season. That being said, Hurricane Katrina was projected to come ashore around Appalachicola Bay, just east of Panama City, on Thursday evening. Friday evening brought the forecast east to Pensacola. It was not until Saturday morning that the erratic storm was projected to travel even further west to the New Orleans area. As always the certainty of the forecasts increase dramatically as storms approach the coast. There was an immediate response from all agency as the low lying city of New Orleans lay in an ever narrowing bullseye. Now everyone wants to point a finger at someone so that we may punish the party responsible for the loss of ls presented by the evacuation and turmoil following the storm, but most were the cities poorest who when faced with the thought of leaving their homes and known surroundings bound for the unknown without food or shelter and no means of securing these when they reached "safety". In a city of this size, there will always be some percentage of the populace who are left with one of these dismal choices or the other. I know that if I were in their shoes, no one could have made me leave my home. The surrounding regions were and are still flooded with family members and friends who escaped the surge. Many are still packed into single family homes with 30 and more people. They knew of somewhere they would be safe and went there. Not everyone knew of such a place. The Superdome was deemed the best choice for those that remained. It held up pretty well under the heavy winds as predicted, but why was there not food stores in place there to support its residents for at least the first day of two. It is very difficult to and his staff should have emptied the entire city in less then two days sometimes even by force, i think Most of New Orleans was dispatched to safety in an incredibly efficient manor. Highways were in on direction out of town as millions fled to safety. The city and state officials failed in re-establishing lines of communications to those who would help and those who needed help when the flood waters began to inundate their city. I heard of rumors circulating at both major refuges that the government was going to blow the rest of the levy system and let them all die. This might sound preposterous to most, but I imagine if I were hungry and thirsty and three days had passed with these rumors in the same breath that help was coming, what seems crazy might begin to sound more and more plausible. as for the response from Washington, it arrived quite quickly after Mayor Nagin's insightful radio interview made everyone aware of the acuteness of the situation. Th bottom line here is that by then there was no way foeated. Our local officials yelling out like Mayor Nagin the first day and not the third along with Washington being more keenly aware of all localities involved will help to avoid alot of what we saw here. Our President should be aware that help is in order in the aftermath of such an event without any word at all from the victims. I hope that our national leaders won't need such formal requests before dispatching help when it is obvious that it is needed. people died within our own borders while we watched. The whole event is shameful. This should have been handled better by all levels of government and much should be considered now because it is inevitable that those in some area of our country will face similar challenges in the future. Let us not fail them, too.

Chad D.

Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From Brian P., (No City Provided,) USA:


Re:? I'm like, 'You have got to be kidding me.' This is a national disaster, get every doggone Greyhound bus line in the country and get their asses to New Orleans," he said. "This is a major, major, major deal." ?

Thousands of school and city buses have been photographed in NO. Why weren't they used? ?

BTW, Rod, when you said, "When New Orleans was first built, the architect/engineer in charge told his patron it was madness. The world can use a little more benign madness, don't you think?" I was wondering who this engineer was, and who his patron was. ?

Thanks, Rod.
Dragon ?


The engineer was Adrien de Pauger, the patron the Bienville le Moyne d'Iberville. This was all started as a huge hoax, though, perpetrated by a man named John Law who is notorious in New Orleans history. Literally, the kind of guy who sold "beachfront property" to unsuspecting suckers.?


Image of a small globe encased in a larger gridded globe. From RD L., II, Delaware, OH, USA:

SUBJECT: Looking for Juanita Brooks and her brother

Dear Mr. Powers:

Looking for Juanita Brooks and her brother can you HELP ?? ?

"If We Ever Needed Jesus," featuring a sultry, soulful vocal by Juanita Brooks, backed by her banjo-playing brother, Detroit Brooks. The song seems like it comes straight from a church pew songbook, but it didn't. White wrote it.
Sincerely Concerned,


Thanks for visiting G21 and for writing.? Bob Powers is no longer responding to e-mails.

Having lived in NOLA until this year myself, I'd suggest you use the resources of (the Times-Picayune Web site).

Good luck on locating these folks.

Regards, Rod Amis


Thanks for the Assist Re: Looking for Juanita Brooks and her brother !!

Your suggestion indicated that eight ( 8 ) other folks are looking for her

Bob L.

Our floral line.



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