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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - This is the sixth installment of our feature in concert with HOT LINKS(Not from Louisiana) Here we give you The World's Magazine's view of some of the freshest and most exciting places to check on the Web. If you know of a site deserving of a Silver Surf listing, feel free to make a recommendation. Just write me, providing the URL of the site, and I'll surf on over.

THIS WEEK'S WINNERS: One of the features of the World Wide Web that does not get as much attention as it deserves is the many art exhibits which are being put up by artists, museums, photographers and galleries across the planet. The World's Magazine was alert to one such exhibit COSMIC REFLECTIONS which was launched in Sweden this month by Loyal Reader PONTUS OSTERLIN.

The focus of the exhibition is deep space images and crop circles here on earth. Me, I don't know if crop circles are done by drunken farmers in bored with their wives or are true signs of extraterrestial contact. What I do know, is that while people have been arguing about their origins they have been missing the beauty and artistic symmetry which these thangs represent. Raheem gives COSMIC REFLECTIONS Four Stars. Check it out!

Our next winner is a self-recommendation from a guy called "Phred." He sent it in to PHIL MARTIN who does our QUEER PLANET feature. Once you'll go there, we think you'll know why. It's a satire on another famous Web site. We like satire here at the G21 and are happy to recommend you to GODHATESFIGS. You'll laugh your ass off, Homes. Let Phred know we sent you!

Well that's it for this installment. Ya'll come back soon! And don't forget to write me with sites you think deserve the Silver Surf Award.

[All listings are linked to open a second, new browser window. To return to this page, please close the browser window in which you view recommended sites. Clicking your "BACK" button will not return you this page. --- Ed.]

APPLY FOR RAHEEM'S SILVER SURF AWARD. Go to the TALK BACK page and submit a nomination for your page or a page you love. If you have a content-rich, well designed site, you will be featured on RADIO RAHEEM'S HOT LINKS page *AND* be given our special "Silver Surf Medallion." Way Kewl!


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