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Rod Amis - Unbound

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Baltimore - 28 November, 1999 - My part-time Assistant, Kevin Moore, and his lady, Elizabeth, brought me over a plate from their Thanksgiving meal while l was laboring away on Rastislav Durman's piece for this edition. I was overwhelmed by the sweetness of their thinking of me. Kevin joked: "I told Elizabeth you probably wouldn't even let us in, it being Sunday and your working on the site."

This guy is getting to know me too well.

But, when I looked down from my apartment, and saw Kev on the sidewalk, I knew it was safe to open the door. Though, darn it! I didn't need the distraction. I'm on deadline here.

It was wonderful to see and visit and with them.

Rod's Butterfly logo.My pal Nilda DoVale sent an e-mail today talking about getting together with her girlfriends up in Oregon and enjoying "scrumptious" victuals before they begin their holiday fixins and cookins and shopping for their families. It sounded totally down-home to me and made me envious of a life filled with friends.... FEED THE HUNGRY. You can help someone else in this world and IT WON'T COST YOU A DIME. If you simply remember to drop by The Hunger Site every day that you surf and click a simple button ONE LESS PERSON WILL GO HUNGRY. The food is distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme and paid for through the sponsorship of companies that care. Do your part.

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The Big To-Do out at my pal Robin Miller's place is If-and-When he and his wife Debbie upgrage to a doublewide trailer and how they'll decide to put it on a piece of property out around Columbia, Maryland...

Everybody wants to know if Rod if moving to Massachusetts next. Well, probably. IF the Powers-That-Be think I can be a good online asset. More on this after my flight up on shake-yer-booty Southwest Airlines. Yes, our pilot is in control...

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Things That Bother Me This Week

  1. Well, I got the fax with my visa application from the Serbian Embassy in Ottawa. But I need to get a letter from Dragana saying that she and her husband, Dragan, vouch for me. If we can't get this done in three weeks, I don't make it to Belgrade for New Year's Eve. Come on!
  2. My sister-in-law, Martha Rudell Amis, still gives me crap about not finding a New Woman.
  3. I don't like Mondays.
  4. Anxieties over how easy it will be to get into (and out of) war-torn Yugoslavia unharmed.
  5. Do we *really* have to do Christmas again this year?

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EDITORIAL CORRECTIONS: What? I didn't make any mistakes last week? Yippee!
ROD AMIS has published this magazine since 1990. It first appeared as a hardcopy 'Zine. In March, 1996, he launched it here on the Web. Rod was a Contributing Editor at, where he wrote the " 'Net Publishing" feature. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Bay Guardian Online, NRV8, and at WebLab's Reality Check site. Rod was also a contributing writer on technology for Faulkner Information Services.

Andover News NetworkRod is now a columnist for the Andover News Network, where he writes on web design and development issues every Thursday. He is principal writer and Editor for IT Manager's Journal, where he reviews technology issues five days a week. His opinions on the Info Age began appearing on MethodFive's HYPER technology newsletter in March.

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