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Rod Amis - Unbound

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Baltimore - 21 November, 1999 - Besides being an important historical date, which I have commented on in one of my other forums, Monday, 22 November, 1999, offers us another full moon. I have this thing about full moons, as Loyal Readers know: they either treat me wonderfully or they mess with my head.

I don't want this full moon to mess with my head because Life is already doing that quite well, thank you very much.

This past week was one of those weeks that was. I was playing my usual game of catch-up when I got blind-sided by one of those offers that some people take as An Offer You Can't Refuse.

Being a contrarian by nature, and really tired of making more changes to who-I'm-supposed-to-be than Madonna these last few years, I'm taking this one with LOTS of self-examination and due dilligence. It would require me to change my city of residence for the fourth time and my general location for the sixth time in less than two years. You try it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'd make a lot more money. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I could continue to do most of the things I love in my spare time.

But how much do you like moving lock-stock-and-barrel every few months?

And there's other stuff. FEED THE HUNGRY. You can help someone else in this world and IT WON'T COST YOU A DIME. If you simply remember to drop by The Hunger Site every day that you surf and click a simple button ONE LESS PERSON WILL GO HUNGRY. The food is distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme and paid for through the sponsorship of companies that care. Do your part.

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The details of the move would begin as soon as I returned from my much-treasured and long-awaited trip to Europe.

I would have to show up at an office. I would have to act like an adult. ("Oh no!")

Just kidding! Our winking Smiley face.

THE GOOD NEWS this week is that my passport arrived from the US State Department, so I can now begin the task of trying to get my visa into the former Yugoslavia, and make Belgrade for New Year's Eve as planned. Maybe. God willing and the creek don't rise. IF they'll even answer the phones at the embassy in Ottawa, as some people tell me they have a tendency notto do.

Most of the people manning the embassy in Ottawa are probably out having coffees waiting for a cablegram telling them that the Milosevic regime has finally fallen and wondering what they'll do for a new job.

And Plan B? Well, IF I can't make it to Belgrade (the place any journalist worth his salt would want to visit right now, as a follow-up to this year's story) then the trip will be totally focused on FUN.

I'd do London, Amsterdam, and Rome. Rome, certainly, would be the historical and romantic choice for New Year's Eve, but I suspect I'd have more fun in Amsterdam. That's how Plan B stands right now.

London's there because it would give me a chance to meet my friend Fliss Ussher f2f. Otherwise, I'd likely avoid it. But, as she'll be free between Boxing Day and the first of the year, it affords me another opportunity to break the infamous G21 Curse. [NOTE TO NEW READERS: The "G21 Curse" is that Rod and writers/contributors of The World's Magazine can be in the same city, only miles apart, for hours or days at a time and --- despite best efforts ---fail to meet each other face to face (f2f.) It has happened more times than I can chronicle here. To date, only five of the thirty-plus writers who have contributed to this magazine over the last ten years have met me. --- RA]

Scene from a Gypsy Theatre production by Rastislav Durman. Courtesy of Mr. Durman.
Scene from a play by Rastislav Durman.
Meanwhile, my pal Rastislav Durman has thrown out the possibility of a commission to write a play for a theatre in the Czech Republic. This could also be an interesting challenge. Drama is where I started as a writer, after all. I haven't ventured back into the form for years, other than experimenting with a screenplay about five years ago, and it would be a good breather from my journalistic work.

Taking the commission would allow me to scratch the creative writing itch that I've need to for so long.

Things That Bother Me This Week

  1. The Macy' robe saga continues. Still no pick-up, no returned e-mails or phonecalls, and no guarantee that the defective robe will be replaced.
  2. My friends Robin and Debbie Miller invited me to join them for dinner at a fancy-schmancy Baltimore restaurant this evening, but I couldn't go because I was on deadline for this magazine. And I keep whining about not having a social life! Sheesh!
  3. I need to decide in the next few days if I can hack moving again, a new job with new responsibilities, and "jumping into the void" to live in yet another state next year.
  4. Anxieties over how easy it will be to get into (and out of) war-torn Yugoslavia unharmed.
  5. How easy it will be to ignore the fact that the rest of the world is focusing on a holiday season which I traditionally have had no part in.

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Thanks for coming back this week.

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"Dance like no one is watching..."

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