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Rod AmisSANTA ROSA, CA. - 30 August, 1998: It's been a busy week around G21 World Headquarters this week. Or it seems so to me.

That's possibly because my new column for Andover News Network is in full swing now, with three articles up. I hope those of you interested in web development issues will visit me there when you are not here. AND Raheem, now focused on the HOT LINKS page again, brought us in three new Link Partners; and we introduced two new features last week, BRYAN POWERS doing film reviews in THE AISLE SEAT and the Reader generated THE FIRST TIME.

Not to mention negotiating to bring in new advertisers. Phew! I'm sure glad to be able to take this "break" of putting out a new edition.

More Top Flight Journalism

My favorite whipping boy, the New York Times, has done it again.

Today they ran a story by Amy Harmon with the sensational headline: "Bummed out on the Web? Study shows Internet a link to depression."

You can imagine the mileage this claptrap is going to get in every Luddite newsroom in the USA, and how tongues will be waging and mothers will be telling their kids to turn off the new Apple iMacs because "the papers" said the Internet makes you depressed.

COME ON, PEOPLE! In typical NYT style, you get all the sensational pseudo-science up front for fourteen paragraphs... then! buried in paragraph fifteen we find this:

"...The study tracked the behavior of 169 participants in the Pittsburgh area who were selected from four schools and community groups..."

Doh! I don't know about you, Gentle Reader, but when I went to college I would have been laughed out of class for calling that a "representative sample" of anything, let alone Internet users!

Then, down in paragraph nineteen, there's this from Tora Bikson, a senior scientist at the Rand Corporation:

"It's not clear what the underlying psychological explanation is.... Is it because people give up day-to-day contact and then find themselves depressed? Or are they exposed to the broader world of Internet and then wonder, `What am I doing here in Pittsburgh?'...."

Well, gee, Amy, Tora, that's a tough one. Let me think about it for a while.

ABOUT THIS EDITION: Some "break" it is. With this issue of our Not Your Grandfather's Web Magazine edition we set a new record. There are actually eight(8) new features in this kick-off issue. CYNDI RUSSELL's SEA OF DREAMS has a dream interpretation contest winner(maybe you should enter the contest;) BOB POWERS' POWERSBOOKS has three new book reviews, including one on Gary Webb's notorious "The Dark Alliance;" KRIS OLSON is back with NFL predictions in KO's CALLS; ADAM J. SMITH continues his coverage of the War on Drugs in ON DRUGS; we launch THE FIRST TIME, and solicit more of YOUR stories; and that's just for openers. Expect more humor in your HOUSE OF CARDS this week, with new Jokes of the Day; TABLOID HART will certainly be on deck in the next issue; as well as great new music reviews in POWERSSOUND. And yes, yes, yes, my e-mail bag is bulging again, so we'll be doing an update of your VOX POPULI page. And you know the roster, there are scads of great features in queue. As usual, we're chockers with surprises and delights. Stay with us.

Thanks for coming back this week.

We're glad you're here. We have a lot to offer this(and EVERY) week. Stick around. More importantly: TELL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS. We want you here EVERY DAY.


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