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Photo of Spencer Tracy.26 November, 2000 - It's gone mostly unnoticed on major radar screens and our readers tend to have short memories but, over time, this little Web magazine has done its share to make history. One case in point that I've mentioned before is our early coverage of the kidnap-and-ransom industry --- kidnapping foreign nationals abroad to finance terrorist and insurgent groups --- which later led to a Vanity Fair feature on G21 alumnus THOMAS HARGROVE. Mr. Hargrove subsequently was called to appear before the US House International Relations committee and mentioned his earlier G21 reportage in his testimony. We began covering Mr. Hargrove's story and recounted unpublished details of his captivity among Colombia's FARC (a revolutionary insurgent group which the United States is now spending billions in aid to neutralize) back in 1996.

It was the G21 which expanded the Goodyear Tire advertising scandal in Peru and our reporting eventually garnered related apologies from Cheesebrough Ponds and Quaker Oats on those biased advertising practices abroad. G21's coverage of the Cambodian elections was lauded as being more accurate and fair than that produced by the New York Times.

Our first-hand coverage of the war in Kosovo by Belgrade's DRAGANA VICANOVICH was among the first to report that the accuracy of the NATO bombing of the former Yugoslavia was pitiful a full year before the BBC, Newsweek and Washington Post, by way of UK and Pentagon sources, admitted as much.

This week's IRISH EYES articles by G21 alumnus, JOE O'NEILL -- who assisted in inaugurating our internationally acclaimed IRISH EYES feature --- continue in that tradition. In the second of two articles for that feature, Mr. O'Neill reports on how the discovery of a nearly thirty year old tape in Northern California impacts the Bloody Sunday Inquiry newly instituted by the UK Blair government into that tragedy. Joe was directly involved into getting the tape into evidence after contacting G21 months ago. I've "sat" on the tape ever since as events evolved. This week the story can begin to be told...

In other words, The World's Magazine doesn't just talk about making a difference in social justice. We walk the walk.


Another feature which I'm particulary proud of this edition, and recommend to you, is Paris writer FAYCAL FALAKY's G21 Exclusive Interview with Dr. Yuri Pines, Hebrew University (Jerusalem) professor and Israeli dissident. It demonstrates, as many of the articles mentioned above evidence, that we might not always present views on issues you agree with but we always present important, informative, well-researched articles. I hope that's why you keep coming back.


For those of you not old enough to recognize the photo on this page, that's American actor Spencer Tracy. He's always been among my icons. It isn't hero-worship for me so much as affinity. I think "Spence" was as tortured and conflicted as I am myself. He wrestled with demons and angels. His body of film work, though, always seemed to speak to the best principles and hopes for humanity, as I try to have this Web magazine and all my writing do. Best yet, he gave advice about his own craft that I have always cherished: "Never let them see you do it!"

I've always taken that advice to heart. One editor I know has commented on my own work, "You make it look effortless. That tells me how hard you work at it."


Nonetheless, I have to admit that it gets to me (sometimes) that people assume that putting one word beside another is effortless for me. It isn't. I pace, I agonize, I re-write.


As I write this rumination, before putting The World's Magazine to bed for another week, we here in America still don't know who's President-elect. According to the Supreme Court of the State of Florida someone, and over the week it became more likely that it would George W. Bush than Albert Gore, would be certified as the winner of that State's election/electors and thus our putative President next year --- barring more legal wrangling.

It is now 18:16 (6:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time,) and

  1. There are no results from the Florida Secretary of State reported and the "spin" from the networks is that
  2. Both camps plan to continue the fight, no matter what the Florida Secretary of State announces.

KEVIN CAREY's essay this week capitalizes on the banana republic joke which has been making the rounds.

I'll be a bit more serious here in the Glass House. I think we need to step back and admit that, based on the rules we have set for ourselves --- byzantine, undemocratic and slip-shod as they are --- George W. Bush is probably going to be our next President.

Do I think Albert Gore was wrong to delay concession? NO. The vote was close and unclear on election night. He owed it to his constituency to make sure their votes counted.

Unfortunately, in the weeks following that difficult but important decision, both campaigns have devolved into political soap-opera and expanded the simple process of validating a count into a travesty of what any reasonable person would call an electoral process.

We may well look back on the Bill Clinton years of prosperity and charisma as "The Good Times," because whomever prevails here will enter the White House facing rancor from the partisans of the "loser."

Too bad.

George Dubya's much-vaunted "working across partisan lines" is now forever blunted. He's angered a lot of Democrats, perhaps permanently, by way of his attack dog, Jim Baker.

Al Gore will have to face hopping-mad Republicans who see him as the symbol of the Clinton Era and will not back down from their rhetoric about his "stealing" an election.

Who ever wins is a loser.

But haven't we been saying that all along, in public and private, over dinner tables and across bar stools? Thomas Hart may have been right about one thing: the Summer WWF Smackdown was more exciting and more *real.*

This has been a dance of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, concluding with a farce in which the audience, We The People, are the brunt of the joke.

Dollar Bill won big here. He's goes out with bragging rights for peace and prosperity. He campaigned and raised money for his wife and she is now the Senator from the State of New York. If Al Gore fails in his bid, the titular leadership of the Democratic Party is up for grabs. Al will be a three-time loser.

Hillary would probably like to fill the vacuum... but then there's Bill.

Oh well, it's only four years. Maybe next time someone will send in the President.

The Latest from Rancho Amis

Cartoon rendering of Jesus.Not much to report this week, Kids. I'd like to say that Rod's life is a bowl of cherries, but why lie? Things are interesting, in the sense of the Chinese curse, and I am trying to focus on the upside.

G21 is always part of the upside.

I did have an "early Christmas" of sorts, though. ED CANTARELLA sent me a "care" package that included a 19-song collection of Peter Gabriel hits. How did he know I didn't have any Gabriel in my CD collection? This is spooky. Do you think he's psychic?

On the same day, my running buddy, LARS KEFFERSTAN, from Manhattan sent along a note and surprise of his own. "Career Consulting Fees." Man, you must really like your new job! I'm happy for you.

SERVER TRANSITIONS SUCK! I'm sorry, but I am in a living Hell right now. As we move this magazine from the West to the East Coast (supposedly so transparently that you won't even notice the change) my e-mail has become the red-headed stepchild. Depending on where you live in the continental United States, I either do or don't receive your missives. Yeah!

I have been told twice this week that the problem would be fixed. Meanwhile I get actual telephone calls from people asking why I don't respond to their e-mails! Sheesh!

I hope I don't have to do this again for AT LEAST five years. Ten would be Heaven.


1. Ending the year with dynamic stories.

2. Good friends coming through when you need them.

3. Only two more editions to go before I take a break.
Thanks for coming back this week.

"Work like you don't need the money,
"Love like you've never been hurt,
"Dance like no one is watching..."

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