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Event # 242: SMALL FAVORS

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Photo of G21 mousepad.18 November, 2000 - Grooving tonight with the mighty riffs of fellow San Franciscan Carlos Santana's "Milagro" CD. (Yeah, I claim the right to call myself a San Franciscan, after living there for almost a decade. But, I know, I know, I've become a citizen of the world.)

I've been racing against the clock to get this edition out early, as my good brother, Darryl Cox, is coming over from Pennsylvania to lunch and commiserate on Sunday, the day I usually launch this effort. With that in mind, the New Plan is launch early Sunday morning rather than Sunday evening.

And our move from the West Coast server to one here on the East Coast is being completed. So I have to launch a double load this weekend, for what I believe will be the last time...

That means we would most certainly have a larger edition than usual this week, just to chap my ass. Hah!

There are ten great and varied stories for your delectation this week, my lovelies! RENDT GORTER completes his amazing "Letters from Chechnya" this week in G21 NEWS. It's a suitable conclusion to a great series. Drop by.

RADIO RAHEEM seems a bit concerned about me. His RDR piece expresses that in ways that touched me. But he's not the only one.

My mother telephoned me today. She said I sounded good. Then she went into how she was hoping that I'd show up "home," in Bermuda, for the holidays.

I explained that I couldn't make Thanksgiving; I have a writing deadline on the 22nd of this month for a story to come out the first of the year. Cash and I are not good friends right now.

So what about Christmas? She would send me a ticket. She isn't going to live forever.

"Come on!" I said. "You'll outlive me. You have years to live yet. But I'll try to make Christmas, if I can finish this latest assignment and sell a couple more pieces."

"Do you promise?"

"Look, I'll call you in a couplah weeks. I'll know by then. I'll telephone by the first of the month, okay?"

"I can send you a ticket."

"You know I won't take it. I haven't changed."

"You NEVER change, Rod."

"Hey, I'll let you know how it goes. I've got a couple irons in the fire. I just need to keep working. That's what writers do."

"Okay, I'll wait for your call. But I want to see you, son. I want you to come home for Christmas..."

Well, I haven't met the man yet who can resist an appeal from his mother, no matter what. So I'm trying to hustle. Wish me luck.

Haps at the Amis Hacienda

SOMETHING SCAREY: There is a woman who is slowly and persistently trying to break down my barriers against trust, trying to get inside.

And she is getting to me, in a way... I find that troublesome, because I have already decided that my days of actual romance are behind me. But the mind is an erogenous zone and she is pursuing my mind. I find myself making connections to old books, thoughts I wanted to pursue some more before I became such a cynical bastard.

The little buggy voice in my head goes:

"No! Stop!

This is not an option! We have already decided to abandon The World. How in the Hell, Rodya, can we repudiate our own decisions? Turn back now."


Once again there is a movement afoot to have me give up the Big Chair.

It seems that one of our newest writers, in the tradition of Wolf DeVoon, as determined that I should step aside and let someone else run The World's Magazine. This is becoming a cyclical phenomenon. I laugh.

"Sure, have at it," I say. "Let's make a bet. I think you'll last about two weeks and then beg me on your knees to come back."

Oh no! She is wiser than Wolf and could definitely keep the herd of cats here charmed by her new leadership.

"Like I said, have at it," I chuckle.

All the wise people out there right now are saying, "Oh please! We know who Picard is."

Yeah, so do I.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Cartoon-like graphic of Jesus. THIS WEEK'S VA LINUX ITEM comes from an e-mail sent to me by one of my readers. Linux finally decided that they needed to put something, anything up on "my" old ITMJ site. So they got my former colleague Jack Bryar to write an editorial in my slot --- but they left my photo and by-line over his by-line.

(Let's all pretend that there's no mental picture of me doing a belly-laugh when I click-through to the URL included in that e-mail. Let's pretend that I don't experience schaadenfreude while being notified of the latest screw-ups since they decided to lose the maverick darkie.)

What a group of professionals.

It's now clear to me that removing the Bookmarks/Favorites was a good move. I won't mention these folks to you ever again. Why bother?


Let's try some David Sanborn.... Hmmn...

Like I told my Mom, I need to finish my part of an article for January, talking with lots of those people they call "distinquished member of the Internet community." Millions of people will read the predictions and pontifications of these folks and set their compasses by them. They are all names that people in the digerati like to drop.

But Ken Kesey made the list, too, and I'm hoping to do a "get" on Ice T.

The 'Net never ceases to amaze, does it?

My deadline on this bad boy is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving here in the States. So Raheem is partially correct about my holidays.

But, who knows, maybe Providence will smile on me and I'll get home to see Mom.


1. A good saxophone solo.

2. The scent of a woman.

3. Having the choice of going back to The World or remaining its observer.
Thanks for coming back this week.

"Work like you don't need the money,
"Love like you've never been hurt,
"Dance like no one is watching..."

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ROD AMIS has published this magazine since 1990. It first appeared as a hardcopy 'Zine. In March, 1996, he launched it here on the Web. Rod was a Contributing Editor at, where he wrote the " 'Net Publishing" feature. His work has been featured in the San Francisco Bay Guardian Online, NRV8, and at WebLab's Reality Check site. Rod was also a contributing writer on technology for Faulkner Information Services.

Rod was a columnist for the Andover News Network, where he wrote over two hundred articles on web design and development issues. He was also principal writer and Editor for IT Manager's Journal, where he reviewed technology issues weekly. He became the Managing Editor for Electronic Mail/Newsletter Publications at at the end of February, 2000. He is now a contributing writer for ACCESS magazine, which appears both on- and offline for 10 million readers in papers like the New York Post, Boston Herald, Austin American-Statesman, Denver Post and Orlando Sentinel, among others.

Rod lives in Baltimore, MD, at the moment (though it seems to most people he *actually* lives on the Web,) edits the writing of people from six continents for The World's Magazine, and wonders who The Last Woman will be in his "spare time." Rumor has it he is considering moving to Tahiti and writing about what The World was like before he left.

He continues to be committed to integrity, chastity and a dose of humility.

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