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EVENT # 275: Man Out of Time

Songstress Alicia Keys
Photo of songstress Aicia Keys.
We go into the Dog Daze of Summer in a town that certainly knows how to burn. Yes, the new home of The World's Magazine is one of the hottest, humidest, most semi-tropical places from which we have ever brought you the Mighty Word. In this week's Event we bring you a fish story from South Africa's eastern cape and much more. Dobrodosli!

WEBCAST ALERT: Epic Records will broadcast a brand new, full-length track from one of the label's hottest artists every Monday. Epic kicks off New Music Mondays on July 30 with Jennifer Lopez, featuring her smoking hot new video, "I'm Real." Following JLo on August 6 is Bliss 66, from Detroit.


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TODAY'S RDR: BILL STEVENS has a few things to say about "The R Word Syndrome" -- PLUS our Web Site Pick of the Day. Don't forget the Readership Poll ("The Most 'Happening' American city is...?") - READER'S CHOICE thus far: New York City 3:1
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Saving Sandella Bainsii


It has sad, bulging, eyes. Its mouth is beefy and protruding rendering the atmosphere around this ashen grey fish funereal. And for good reason. The Eastern Cape Rocky (sandelia bainsii), a unique African freshwater fish species, closely related to the climbing perch of Africa and Asia is threatened with extinction.

An invasion of its main habitats by the South American red water fern and other alien fish and plant species, the constructions of dams, climatic changes and pollution have all contributed to this.

Now a lone South African fish biologist has taken it upon himself to save it from extinction. Dr Jim Cambray, Curator at Albany Museum's department of Ichthyology in Grahamstown, South Africa, says he was stunned when after a 20-year absence, he came back to South Africa find the fish almost extinct. ... More

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Vox Populi

From Yona R., San Francisco, CA, USA:

SUBJECT: The Journey

rod...reading your story reminds me of the person you were when i first met you.... homeless, waiting for the money to come in, and the main character in some strange book you were writing.

in a sense i don't get it. in another i do. i hear this amazing emotionality in your 'voice' ( even if i am making up what you sound like as you write). the ups and downs are where you thrive. boredom and routine seem to be your enemy. so is the projection of your fears onto others. i never heard felicity ask you to leave... but then perhaps you omitted that part. what i did hear is this huge anziety well up inside you .... and the search for a place where it could be dispelled.

the other thing is that it sounds like belgrade people (for justifiable reasons) have a similar anziety. it's no wonder that you would feel at home there. something big is happening providing a good place to dispell that excess passion. perhaps too a place to be passionate among the people.

and just an afterthought to throw in there.... perhaps that has something to do with your 'hatred' of the brits... their motis operanti is rational, maybe even meanspirited as you suggested. it's probably true that most people in power forget what it is like to be stepped on.... forget what it feels like to be desperate or powerless or so passionate that they risk it all because really there is not much to lose. in writing all this i picture you once again... and see that getting comfortable and/or powerful is not your gig. there isn't much passion in it. i hope you find what you are looking for.

yo ... More

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Wednesday's Child


NEW ORLEANS - 29 JULY, 2001 - I was born on Monday, but as you know from the chronicle of the last few weeks, I've been living the life of Wednesday's child.

I wrote to my friend, Dragana, about the latest mishaps on Friday. This is what I said.... More

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DAY ONE: Both my regular newspapers, the liberal Guardian and centrist Independent reported on their front pages for Saturday 21st July 2001 that the Genoa summit had "been overshadowed" -- the identical phrase -- by street violence. The following day the mantra of overshadowing was repeated, joined by the BBC. On the evening of Sunday 22nd there was an announcement on US/Russian arms talks. The Genoa CommuniquÈ was dealt with in a couple of lines and you had to try very hard to find anything on the economic conference in Zanzibar, to which I will return later.

What gripped the newspapers was the accidental death of an anarchist. But this was no piece of Dario Fo nor did it readily bring to mind Doris Lessing's Good Terrorist. What it did recall for me was a long night as an undergraduate journalist in a pokey, smoky room... "GENOA" KEVIN CAREY More

RECOMMENDED DAILY REQUIREMENT: : The local newscasts in my town here in America are finally using that dreaded "R word" from a few months ago, "Recession." Everybody from the Federal Reserve Board chairman, Mr. Greenspan, to the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of most major American-based multinational corporations accept that that is what is happening in our country and infecting other world economies right now. Me, I accepted that fact those many months ago when I wrote an Op Ed piece for this magazine about my worries and fears after being laid off.

I still only get piece work here and there. My whole family life has changed. I am suffering the R Word Syndrome, at this point. But I'm not alone... "The R Word Syndrome" BILL STEVENS More

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RDR 07.16.01: G21 Alumnus JEFF WINBUSH interviews an Internet sexworker "For Your Pleasure"

RDR 07.09.01: KEVIN CAREY looks back on the extradiction of Milosevic and sees a precedent for "Tainted Justice"

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