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TODAY'S RDR: Neither Al Gore nor the USA press has had a lot to say about it, but some people think that Black voters got a raw deal reminiscent of "Jim Crow" days in the Florida election. Our Publisher returns to ask about it. "Slavery Time" -- PLUS our Pick of the Day and the Readership Poll (All I want for Christmas is... ?)
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A push button link.IRISH EYES:

The Brendan Hughes Interview


Photo of Brendan Hughes. In the H-Blocks Brendan Hughes was instrumental in organizing the men on the blanket protest and was elected O/C with Bobby Sands as his adjutant. As the protests by the men escalated, without any movement by prison authorities, or the Thatcher government, to resolve the prisoners demands to end their inhumane treatment, he called for volunteers to join him in a hunger strike.

Hughes resigned as O/C, to be replaced by Bobby Sands and was joined by 6 of the 90 men who had volunteered to go on hunger strike. After 53 days without food, with Sean McKenna within hours of death and the others in very serious condition, the strike was called off as the government delivered a document which satisfied the prisoners demands. After the government reneged on their agreement the strike, led this time by Bobby Sands, commenced with deadly consequences.

In our interview Hughes discussed a wide range of topics on the Irish political landscape.

G21: Share with us your opinions on the Good Friday Agreement.

HUGHES: The decision was taken from the top down, there were no discussions, there was nothing taking place.

What we heard was, 'The Hume/Adams Document' and I am very annoyed at this because, I have spent my whole life in this Republican movement and all of a sudden everyone is talking about 'The Hume Adams Document' and I asked if I could see it . To my knowledge no one has ever seen it.

I thought it was a disgrace that John Hume knew where this movement was going [and] I didn't know where it was going. I didn't know anything about 'The Hume Adams Document', what the hell is it? Then, 'The Hume Adams Document', developed into the 'Good Friday Agreement'.

What was the Good Friday Agreement all about? All of my life I spent attempting to bring down Stormont, attempting to remove the British from Ireland and all of a sudden, all of that language was gone. We no longer talk about a British declaration of intent to withdraw from this country and we have got to the stage where we were actually fighting to get down to the Stormont, that we just spent 30 years trying to bring down. The loyalty factor eventually burnt out with me, the loyalty factor was no longer there.... More

A push button link.THE SEX COLUMN:

Hart -v. - Tuna: The Winter Smackdown


THOMAS HART, Austin, Texas: My gran'pappy always used to say, "It's the loudest turkey what always ends up in the oven first." I think about that sayin' as I'm asked to "step to" Charlie the Tuna and help that ole boy get his mind right.

At first I hesitated even botherin' to respond to his spew, but the fact that he kept singling me out, week after week, and had the gall to accuse me of being derivative of his adle-pated maunderings finally provoked me to give an answer. I have only a few main points to make here, fellow Sanitation Engineers, so ya'll hang with me...

CHARLIE THE TUNA, San Francisco, CA: So finally the much-celebrated "Tabloid" Hart has come out of hiding and agreed to go toe-to-toe with the Master of Smackdown Columnists. I'm actually surprised Mr. Hart had the hair, after seeing how I chewed up his protegé Ed Cantarella like that Loser was so much dog-meat.

So now that you are here, Hart, get ready for a full-blown ass-whuppin'. I'll try to be gentle, since we are entering the Holidays....More

A push button link.G21 SPECIAL REPORT:

The Liddy Tape - Part 2


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Last week The World's Magazine provided the inside story behind how a thirty year old eyewitness account of the Bloody Sunday massacre in Ireland was provided to the new Blair government Bloody Sunday Inquiry in the United Kingdom. Our reporter, Joe O'Neill was directly instrumental in that process. But neither the official Inquiry Web site nor the BBC provided a complete audio or transcript of the John Barry Liddy Tape. As a service to our readers around the world, with the assistance of Ms. Jane Winter of British Irish Rights Watch, G21 provides that transcript.--RA]

...Today in Colmcille Court, the British Army opened fired indiscriminately against unarmed civilians whose only weapons were stones.

My own brother Seamus Liddy was hit in the heart by a rubber bullet. I ran forward to render him assistance along with the brother- in-law's son and the son-in-law. We lifted my brother up to carry him in to the side of the road.

My 17, or -- 15-year-old nephew was shot down, he was hit in the stomach from a rifleman firing from Derry Walls. I would say that he was the first casualty. His name was Michael Kelly, my wife's nephew.

Father Bradley, a Roman Catholic curate, knelt down at his head to administer the Last Rites of the Church. While he was doing so, the British army were still firing into us and four more innocent people fell, three of them consequently died; about the fourth one I am not terribly sure.

Father Bradley then went out on to the road to administer the Last Rites to the four people who were shot. As he went out from behind cover, the British army opened indiscriminate fire on him. Myself and another lad --- his name is unknown to me --- went out and pulled Father Bradley back. I got out my white handkerchief and went out at the corner of the building and waved it in the direction of the British army. As I did so, a burst of automatic or semi-automatic fire hit the side of the building beside where Father Bradley and I were standing...More

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A push button link.VOX POPULI:

From Bob P, Marietta, OH, USA:

I have to tell you that the new issue is splendid, from the stunning article on Chechnya to the excellent piece on Cuba.

I'm currently reading a book called "Cuba on My Mind: Journeys to a Severed Nation," by Romain de la Campa, a native of Cuba who returned for an extended visit last year.

Even Phala Ray-Orians contributed a worthwhile article, one which needed some punching up, but the tone came through. Your column, as always, is worthwhile reading. It always reads so effortlessly, which means you must have worked hard to achieve that effect.

Kevin Carey seems to strike me good one week, so-so the next. This week's is on the good side. I like it when he delves into politics, and British politics always seem fascinating. His eyes interpreted the U.S. election pretty well.

Even Raheem clicked. He's best when he writes long enough. This one seemed just right.

I've yet to make up my mind on Charlie the Tuna. I'm somewhere in the middle right now. All in all,Ưan outstanding week.

Bob ... More

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Rippington's 'Tropics' CD cover.POWERSSOUND: To mark the Peak debut, Freeman and gang have produced a new album called "Life in the Tropics." Along for the ride in Freeman's tangle with Latin music are such name performers as Eric Marienthal, Dave Koz, Paul Taylor, Howard Hewett, and Bob James.

The result? It's an improvement over the usual Rippingtons material. With a Latin beat, the band's lack of a distinctive jazz feel isn't missed as much as you might expect. I found myself enjoying large portions of the album. Perhaps Freeman should make the Latin beat an important part of his sound.... BOB POWERS "More Smooth Jazz Snoozers" More

RECOMMENDED DAILY REQUIREMENT: My pal, John Howard, at PC Directions, sent me a graphic that's floating around the Internet. Yup, it's about the US election debacle. This one is called the "Great Seal of the United States Democratic Party."

Joke version of the Democratic Party seal. Frankly, my dears, I don't care who wins the Presidential election anymore. Who ever wins also loses. What I'm waiting for (indeed, salivating about!) is the juicy TV movie that's certain to come out of this.

Have you seen the plum floating around about Newsweek and CNN suppressing the rumor about Florida Secretary of State Harris being a boffee of Governor Jeb Bush? Can't you just see that scene!

I know, I'm getting into "Tabloid Hart" territory. But bear with me... ROD AMIS "Election 2000: The Movie" More

RDR 11.30.00: RADIO RAHEEM tells us about his Thanksgiving. "Chittlins and Possum Gravy"

LOOKING FOR A PREVIOUS "RDR" Essay? Visit our complete ARCHIVES.

DAY ONE: My all time favorite Christmas song is "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" by former Beatle John Lennon, may he rest in peace. I looked around the Internet to see if I could get an audio clip for you, but didn't find one. Here are the lyrics, though:

So this is Christmas
and what have you done?
Another year over,
and a new one just begun.

And so this is Christmas,
I hope you have fun!

RADIO RAHEEM "So This is Christmas" More

MY GLASS HOUSE: I was bit surprised that no one called me on the fact that last week's teaser paragraph on our cover had *nothing* to do with my weekly column directly. Just shows to go ya, I can put ANYTHING on the cover and people are still likely to click through to the article. I learned something from that experience... ROD AMIS "The Fake News" More



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(IRISH EYES features two explosive features by G21 Alumnus JOE O'NEILL, first a review and access to Don Mullan's new book, "The Dublin Monaghah Bombing: The Truth" and then the inside story on our involvement with getting evidence to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry in the UK; ED CANTARELLA squares off with CHARLIE THE TUNA in THE SEX COLUMN; much more!. Welcome back!)






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