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About three years ago, Tiomin Resources Incorporated, a Canadian mining firm, moved into Kenya's Kwale district at the coast and set up a titanium mining project. With the Kenyan economy in a tailspin and the country in the grip of a severe drought, nobody realistically, expected the US$137 million project to spur the sort of controversy it now has.

World Bank figures (which Tiomin's President Jean Charles Potvin would later quote to justify the project) indicated that Kenya, indeed, was in dire need of foreign investment. In 1998, the country received only US$20 million in foreign direct investment. By contrast, Tiomin alone would invest almost four time that amount on a 64-square kilometre strip over a 21-year lease period. "It is obvious to any observer that Kenya is in great need of foreign investment," Potvin remarked recently, adding for good measure, that the development in Kwale was bound to bring substantial benefits to both the local communities and the country as a whole. What is more, he said, Tiomin had established that there were huge findings of titanium sites in the nearby Mombasa and Kilifi districts and at Mambrui along the Kenyan Coast. .... More


Harlot's Web


Other impressions float in an ill-mannered jumble of images: How Times Square is just like the Web (a robot thought I have about everything these days,) a jarring eyesore of lights and noise and fully licensed, cross-promotional insanity. The feeling must be a common phenomenon for visitors: If this is the pinnacle of civilization, maybe it's not so bad the lights will eventually go out. So the Law of Entropy says.

Still more memories: The equally mind-numbing noise from the jaunty performers hyping The troupe filled the entire floor with booming shouts and banter. This was disturbing for me as the people at the Intel booth tried to explain why we really need a wireless household wizard for a half-dozen PCs, including one for the kitchen.

Other innovations include an appliance PC prototype with half-a-brain, without much of a hard-drive, that is, since apparently the trend is leading toward our acquiescing of power tools to the archons of the Net. Intel has come up with a solution for being able to slip the unique identifier into our machines for tracking purposes. If that company gets its way, everyone worthy of a credit card account will own a Pocket PC Camera, capable of taking photos and producing real-time video. It even has motion-sensitive capabilities, thus making it easier for those running the show to keep an eye on us all...More


A Jeff Winbush Sampler

The (EXTREMELY) Long Goodbye

(Reprinted from June, 1998)

Damn, but I will be one happy African-American when this week is finally over with! What genius decided to program the last episodes of Seinfeld and Ellen in the same friggging week?

For the past month I've had to avoid cover stories, television specials, commemorative editions, multi-version magazine covers and just a generally sickening display of world class ass-kissing over the departure of two hugely overrated television series.

The nuclear mushroom cloudWhat IDIOT decided to announce the nation of India now has nuclear weapons the same week the last episodes of Seinfeld and Ellen were scheduled to air? Peter Jennings on ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT said one reason India decided to flip the bird to America was to get some respect for themselves as a major world power. What is the deal with these guys? Is building atomic bombs some sort of Viagra for nations?

But let's get back to unfunny comedians and the people that love them. I've got no beef with anyone who's a die- hard SEINFELD groupie. At least Jerry Seinfeld decided to get out before his show totally bored the fans the way it bores non-fans(like me).

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres seems to be another case entirely. She's not only NOT going bye-bye willingly, she going to let everyone in the world know those dirty, homophobic, rat bastards at ABC put the screws to her. Ellen, who seems to see herself as this great pioneer for lesbians, just will not go quietly. She's pissed and she wants the world to feel her pain. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY splashed her rubbery mug all over the cover with the tag line, "YEP, SHE'S TOO GAY." y, conjoined twins who will die within six months if matters are left to take their course? The case of the two girls is almost identical to that of the Lakeberg case in the USA in 1993. On that occasion the doctors said that if nothing was done the twins would die in weeks. The operation that killed Amy gave Angela ten months. In this case a judge has over-ruled the parents' wish by supporting a medical application for Mary to be separated from Jodie in order that Jodie should have a much better chance of living a normal life... KEVIN CAREY, "Twin Moralities" More

G21 ASIA: The Indian Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, goes for an official visit to the US as the fifth Indian Prime Minister to do so. There is a decided warmth in the atmospherics, not seen since Jawaharlal Nehru's first trip to Truman's America. How will the Vajpayee trip fare?... RAKESH AGRAWAL, "India & The USA: A New Plateau" -

MY GLASS HOUSE: "...You've mentioned that you were not the ONLY black person at your high school --- considering how hard you tried to fit in, I bet you had a nemisis, a 'brother' who deridded[sic] your efforts(i've seen this in action, I just don't have first-person perspective) - I bet THAT would make for interesting telling...."

Well, I wish there had only been one brother. Actually, there were a lot of people for whom I had to pass the "Black Enough" litmus test.... ROD AMIS "Issues & Answers" More

POWERSSOUND: Photo of CD cover for Boni Gnahore.
Two excellent albums arrived on my porch and have received a concerned and objective hearing. At least I've tried. First up are Boni Gnahore and the Attungblan Chorus. "Pedou" (Playasound Records) contains smart sounds from Africa. Leader Bnahore has 15 years of experience on the African stage. In his sextet of singers and musicians, Bnahore offers the first-time listener an idea of what African music is today. As the record company notes, Ghahore's compositions bring together many African music traditions, from Pygmy polyphony to Burundi drum choruses. He adds modern jazz, funk and Afro beat. The conglomeration will find receptive ears in many categories. More

RDR 09.18.00:REPRINT: G21 Alumnus JEFF WINBUSH was considered one of our most provocative columnists. In this sampler, from June and July, 1998, find out why. "A Jeff Winbush Sampler"

RDR 09.15.00: REPRINT: G21 Alumnus ROBIN MILLER had some funny things to say back in 1998. Check them out in "A Robin Miller Sampler"

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