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24 APRIL - 1 MAY, 2000

TODAY'S RDR. Ending our spiritual considerations this week, we thought a spot of fiction would be in order. From the Harry Trotter novel, "QUIET WORLDS" Chapter 7. PLUS Our Pick of the Day.
POWERSSOUND: Jason Marsalis (yes, he's one of those Marsalis brothers, the youngest) is slowly but convincingly making strides toward becoming the big name of the future. As a member of the impressive Los Hombres Calientes, Marsalis has shown his mastery of the role of drummer in a scintillating Latin jazz group. ...BOB POWERS "Youngest Marsalis in Motion"

MEMOIRS OF THE INFORMATION AGE: A program to bring technology to more of Africa is floundering because a division of Microsoft refuses to support Windows 3.1, the only flavor of Windows that would run on the computers being donated to these countries.

..."Ross Cockburn has negotiated tirelessly, but the company won't bend. 'Microsoft UK has done its best,' he says. 'Their exceptions team gave us 50 free copies of Windows '98 so that we could use them to backwards license 3.1. But Microsoft South Africa just don't want people dumping old technology in their marketplace. It's hard when you're hit with that kind of dogma.'" ---- Ian Ansdell, The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland).

Now if that isn't a story of interest to G21 readers, Crimey! I don't know what is.... ROD AMIS, "Thus Far"

PLANETARY MADNESS: Bold, irreverent, saucy and sassy Aries roils our juices for most of April. As the first sign of the western zodiac, Aries cajoles Initiation (smack the lips while amidst beginnings) and goads the guileless initiative needed to enact Initiation (whoop and dig into frisky, risky beginnings). I click my heels and swing the tassels that adorn the horns popping-out of my Aries brow. ...JENNIFER BLUE "APRIL, 2000"

VOX POPULI: From Ed C., Pontiac, MI, USA:

Dear Rod:

Kevin rambles around, I almost lose my footing; then he spits out a chunk of solid ground - SAFE!.

He's right about hired gun friends and across the board acceptance of spiritual matters - they are just an imitation of what inner struggle and friendship are all about....

Your "Letters" Page continues.
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Photo of Sonia GandhiA push button link.G21 NEWS

Sonia Gandhi: Destiny Shapes Her Leadership


Born in Italy, married and widowed in India, she had never dreamt of entering politics; clad in an "Indian Saree" (a popular Indian ladies outfit); puts a "Bindi" on her forehead (worn by Indian ladies for the betterment of their husbands); she is an electrifying, charismatic leader of the Indian masses, accepted by Indians as their "bahu" (daughter-in-law). Now she is the President of the main and largest opposition political party of India, Indian National Congress (Known simply by most as the Congress Party.)

She is Sonia Gandhi, an Indian leader whose renown crosses international boundaries.

An era of tragedies, an era of silence, suspense and gossip which seemed to overshadow her life, may have ended.. She holds the key to her party in her hands now and, probably, with it the fate of India.

A push button link.My Glass House

Honor The Lamb


A cross graphic.We come to the end of a week in which two religions which have shaped much of Western culture and society, Judaism and Christianity, commemorate stories central to their messages. Both deal with the blood of lambs, one an actual lamb, the other a figurative one. Both deal with sacrifice and redemption. A menorah graphic.With the Passover and Easter rituals an affirmation of these faiths is confirmed. Both are about givers of law and covenant. What I have tried to contemplate this weekend is how these sets of laws and convenants were made with the self-same God, while the results are different.

A push button link.RECOMMENDED DAILY REQUIREMENT: Sure, he was a Catholic, he had gone the long route of the old catecism, but he still got the heebie-jeebies with the way his brethren reveled in the tortures and trials of the saints. His whole childhood seemed peopled with images of men and women pierced by multiple arrows, mauled by lions, hanging from crosses, gouged by spears and brands, rent asunder by heathens. The history of Western art. Catholic art. "Quiet Worlds" Chapter 7

RDR 04.21.00: AL DUNSMUIR looks from the Horn of Africa to Norwich, England and asks, "Help or Debate?"

RDR 04.24.00: ROD AMIS on the peril of dealing with a near-sighted God. "Befuddled"

RDR 04.25.00: KEVIN CAREY believes this weekend's events in the Gonzalez case question America's moral compass. "Elian"

RDR 04.27.00: ED CANTARELLA has a "Question About the Future"

A push button link.DAY ONE:



By the time you read this I will have failed to fulfil my Lenten vow to read the Book of the Psalms of David, the first recorded account to reach us of self-avowed fickleness. Also, by the time you read this, I will have gone through what is the most taxing and uplifting week of my spiritual year, from Palm Sunday through Good Friday to Easter. The week starts with a triumph commemorated with palm branches but only five days later the crowds have turned murderous and the victor has become a victim. If it does nothing else, religious ritual helps us to focus on our weaknesses and, in case I forget one of the lessons of this last week, there is always a piece of palm within easy reach of my favourite chair.

The World's Magazine:

Event # 212: HONOR THE LAMB

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(The Jedi Knight returns and brings the G21 back where it belongs! More international focus, more social commentary, more interviews. Thank Goodnews!)
(The ACTION edition focuses on the World Bank-IMF protests in Washington, D.C., USA; AL DUNSMUIR reports on human rights abuses against women in Saudi Arabia in G21 NEWS; your VOX POPULI page continues to sizzle!)





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