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DATELINE: 16 July, 2001

Transmitted by Jeff Winbush, USA

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Event # 273: The Big Easy

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RDR Logo. As the advent of the Internet has transformed the way the world takes care of business, it has similarly revolutionized the world of sex work. Tanya is a professional escort residing in a major American city. She enhances her income by running an adult site offering live web-cam and chat services. Tanya maintains a full schedule as a college student. She is ambitious, self-assured and unsentimental about her job. She considers herself neither a hardened prostitute nor wide-eyed innocent. As a businesswoman and entrepreneur Tanya has learned that men will pay to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Her window of opportunity is open and she plans to maximize her potential (and profits) as long as she can for as much as she can.

"I get up at 7:00. I check my e-mail for about an hour. If it's a day I'm attending class then I would proceed to get ready for school. If I'm entertaining people that day, then I would start answering my phone between 8:00-8:30 confirming appointments, or maybe work out for an hour. Take a shower, get ready, maybe review my notes from one of my classes and then proceed to however many appointments I had lined up for that day.

"Prior to this semester, I was just working full-time and making as much as I could. On a real busy day I might book seven appointments. On a light day, maybe one or two. Now that I have a set schedule and I'm only available for certain amount of time, I try to do two or three a day.

"I prefer in-call because it's a set location and I'm in control of the situation. It's a short distance from the actual location I reside at and I feel I can get more accomplished there. I dress down when I go there and dress up when I get there. I don't mind doing out-call, but I get a lot more accomplished doing in-call and it's a lot more discreet.

"I'm 23 years old and of Latin heritage. I'm 5'5", 38DD-26-36. My rates are $300 for one hour and up to $550 for two. I'm listed on a national review board as one of the nation's Top 100 Escorts.

"I determined my rates based on what another escort I know was charging. The girls whose rates are a bit lower tend to be lower caliber girls who don't take care of themselves and aren't as ambitious, motivated and professional as I consider myself. It also weeds out undesirable people that I would not want to be friends with or entertain in any shape or form.

"Escorting has helped me tremendously. I've been lucky enough to meet some very nice, educated, affluent people who are willing to share their knowledge with me. I'm very open to new ideas. I've always been taught that if someone's older than you they may not know more than you, but they may have had more experiences than you which may be of a benefit to listen to what they have to say.

"Most of the people I see I would see again and they are my friends, as well. There are some men whom I've had to reintroduce to the fact that despite being friends this is a business to me. This is strictly for financial gain. I do enjoy the perks of friendship but I'm very blunt and open with people about where I'm at. I don't tell people things just to make them feel good. I'm honest with them. If they give me an indication they're looking for more than I can provide I let them know that's not going to happen.

"There have been men I've had to stop seeing because I felt the relationship was getting to be a bit much and more than I wanted to deal with. This is something I do along with school, so I don't have a lot of time to coddle people or play those kinds of games. Most men take the hint and remember they're seeing me for fun and entertainment. It shouldn't become something they're so absorbed with it becomes an obsession.

"I've seen gentlemen from their 20's to 70's. They're usually affluent, professional white collar businessmen. Some are married with children and their marriage is boring. Some are single and married to their jobs. Some just saw my pictures and had to meet me. It varies.

"I'm very dominant and I take control of the situation. No one is going to do anything to me or make me feel uncomfortable. Younger men tend to ask me personal questions and try to know me on a personal level. They're intrigued by me. Older gentlemen have done this before and know pretty much this a business. They keep the conversation pretty light-hearted. I don't discriminate against men because of their age unless they are under 21.

"I've been doing adult entertainment for a little over five years. I do have a timetable for obtaining my degree, but as far as a set time to get out of the business, I don't really have one. It's been very financially lucrative. My income is in six figures. When I get my degree and establish myself in my profession how much financial gain I was actually making in that profession would determine if I would stop entertaining men. The only way I see myself completely severing all ties if I were to get married to someone who knew absolutely nothing about that side of my life. If they made it clear they would not be comfortable with me having friends of that nature and I thought it was a relationship that was going to fulfill me in every way, then I would consider it.

"I've never really met anyone whom I would want to stop seeing the people I'm seeing for and making the kind of money I make just to be with that one person. Nobody's going to leave their wife for someone they just met as an escort. I'm sorry, that just doesn't happen. It just wouldn't work out. For me to be monogamous with someone a lot of elements would have to be met. That person would have to stimulate me mentally, sexually -- I'm very sexual -- and they would have to fulfill that. I wouldn't want anyone who looked down on me because what I've chosen to do.

"My beliefs are very traditional. You shouldn't have children unless you're married. You should try to be as faithful to your spouse as you possibly can. I'm probably a little ahead of the game because I know what it takes to make or break a marriage. I've dealt with so many people who stay together for the sake of their kids or for financial reasons and they're really not happy. I don't intend to ever be in that scenario where I'm just going through the motions. That's not the way life was meant to be.

"If I see someone once and I don't enjoy their company then it would be my call to never see that person again. It's just that simple. I'm in a position if I didn't enjoy your conversation and company, I don't need to see that person. They need to see me.

"The 'Girl Friend Experience' means that a person doesn't want to feel like you're a robot or they are just being used. They want to feel they're actually building a friendship and you're actually enjoying spending time with them, too. Everyone that I've seen is very happy with what I can provide for them. I'm sure on a rare occasion there are men who felt, 'She totally sucked. I hated her.'

"The only impact society's opinion has upon me is that I keep everything I do very secret. The only people who know about what I do are the men who are actually paying me to be entertained and other women in the business whom I'm friends with. The opinion of people looking down on escorting, I don't really hold with any validity. No one pays my bills and walks in my shoes. For someone to set up and judge me and say, 'Oh, you're blah-blah-blah.' Well, you don't know me and you don't know anything about me.

"A lot of people have strong opinions about escorting, but I also think behind closed doors a lot of people have thought about it and have done it. If there weren't a lot of people doing it then I would not be making the financial gain that I'm making. I respect religion in all facets, but I feel when people do what they want to do it's right. When you're doing something for someone else and making them feel good, there's nothing wrong with that.

"I grew up in a very poor family. I was surrounded by people who were drunks, depressed and unhappy with their lives. It was always a financial issue. 'You can't do that 'cause we ain't got no money.' That turned me off more than anything. That phrase makes my skin crawl. Growing up in that kind of neighborhood and environment I grew up in I thought, 'You know what? I don't belong here.'

"I saw a talk show on escorting. I looked at the women who were talking about it and the way they were dressed and it dawned on me that this is something I could do. I've always been a great actress. I've always been able to hold my own among men and I wasn't intimidated by them. That sowed the seed and once I started looking for an opportunity and found it, I seized the moment and I've never looked back.

"I believe in being a strong woman and being able to provide for yourself , not laying around on your butt expecting someone else to pay your bills. It's your responsibility to make things happen for yourself. That is why I've chosen to do what I do. Some people look down on it because it's immoral to them and where they sit on the food chain. For my age I've accomplished quite a lot and done a lot. I would not have been able to do 99 percent of the things I've been able to do had it not been for this opportunity and I'm very thankful for that.

"I'm making this business work for me and not on me. I'm not a slave to what I do."

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