Our first outside recognition came from the late Adze Mixxe on 22 October, 1996. It meant and means a lot to us. Visionary, as always, Adze will be missed.
DigiDay "Cool Site of the Day" for Christmas, 1996.
LISTED AS an InterNet Allstar in the Russian Republic.
Wave of the Day "Hit the Beach" Site for 12 February, 1997.

On 26 February, 1997, ELECTRIC DREAMS applauded Cyndi Russell's "Sea of Dreams" as one of the most FUN dream interpretation sites on the WWW. On July 5, 1997, the "Dying to Be Cool" Issue received the VISTA-NET Level 3 Best of the 'Net Award. Who Knew?
On July 1, 1997, we received the MikenSharyi "Best of the Web" Award for our "Dying to Be Cool" Issue


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